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Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Dornfelder
This grape sort was a crossbreed between Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe. The wine has a strong red color, is mellow and and with less tannic acid. A very excellent new culture.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Spaetburgunder
Well-tried vine sort. Gives mild, substantial red wines, which are in noblesse not even surpassed by any other red wine.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Portugieser
The most growing up red wine sort in palatine. Low acidity, mellow, gentle, attractive and pleasant to drink wines. This palatine specialty is created by the immediate pressing of the Portugieser Weissherbst grape producing a Rosé with a light character easy drinking wine.
Riesling.jpg - 7086 Bytes Merlot
Juicy, fruity flavors of blackcurrant, black cherry and mint. Scented, graceful red wines are produced from this grape with a good deal of fruit.

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